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Join the fun! Support your favorite rescue, post pictures of your new pets or meet and share with other adopters and animal lovers.

Our message board features the Happy Ending Stories, where you can post pictures and write your pet's story, receive advice from other adopters, rescues, trainers and animal lovers. You can enjoy a Heart Warming Story or write your own to share. We also offer private or public chat rooms , Animals in the News , Obedience & Training Methods ,and Education General Information .

Michigan Referral of Trainers, Grooming, Pet Supplies and Vets by City The Rescue Animals Adopters Forum is happy to announce our new Michigan Referral of Trainers, Grooming, Pet Supplies and Vets by City . We feel this referral list will be beneficial for our adopters, supporters and the businesses that choose to participate. To be listed on the Michigan Referral of Trainers, Grooming, Pet Supplies and Vets by City please complete the referral form. We are looking for Volunteers of Trainers, Vets or Vet Assistants to participate in our Obedience and Training Methods. Trainers will be able to post class schedules.

We feel that this message board educates and shows the world what wonderful family pets these former unloved, unwanted and discarded animals can make. We want to shatter the old tales that animals are abandoned because of a fault in the animal. A picture is worth a thousand words and the best education is a well adjusted, loved pet with his or her new family. This education saves the lives of so very many still in need. We believe that the adopter is the true hero of rescue because they make a life time commitment by opening their hearts and homes and giving a life-saving second chance to these very special animals.

Any rescued animal adopter, rescue, trainer, or animal lover is welcome.

For participating rescues we offer a custom designed, online application to suit your rescue that will include your logo. The results can be delivered to an e-mail address of your choice. We also offer a forum for your specific rescue with links to your adoptible animals and main page, help with brochure designs, fundraising, a calendar to advertise your local events and staff membership for your volunteers. The Rescue Adopters Forum is not designed to replace your rescue's main web site but to act as an extra tool to help support and keep in contact with your adopters while educating the world on the joy of a rescued animal. We feel that when rescues work together they can save even more lives by educating and reaching more prospective adopters and supporters. Together we can win the fight to end the needless killing of homeless animals.

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Love will win over Greed!!

The Staff of The Rescued Animal Adopter's Forum