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We don't not have a shelter. All animals are housed in temporary foster homes, until permanent homes are found. Foster homes are volunteers who generously open their homes to animals in need. There are too many homeless animals out there. Foster homes play a critical part in saving an animal's life.. Can you open your heart and home to an animal that might not be taken in unless you do it?

Bringing a foster animal into your home is often the first and most important step in giving them a new lease on life. Many of them have suffered from abuse and neglect and they need to learn that they are now safe. It is very satisfying to see the animal's personality come alive when this happens. This is a very rewarding experience that too many animal lovers miss out on.

Reasons to Foster

I was cold, hungry, scared and in great danger of being abused, injured or killed. But you took me out of this great danger, offered me a warm bed, good food, and the safety of your home. My once dirty, flee bitten sore body is now clean and brushed. I will never be breed for profit because you have taken care of my vet needs and have made me healthy and whole. I will never bring unwanted litters in to this world because you have made sure I was spayed or neutred. You showed me love. I would of have bitten out of fear, but your hands showed me compassion and tender care. I no longer cringed when a hand was raised near me, because your hands had only kindness and treats to offer me. I no longer feared the sound of feet approaching, because your feet had never kicked me, they had only taken me on wonderful adventures to exciting new places. I learned to trust because you showed me what love was. I learned so many things with you. How to behave in the house, walk on a leash, sit, and yes I learned to be potty trained. This I learned because of your patience and love. I wanted so to please you, because to me you were my Hero & my guardian Angel. I would of been dead with out knowing the love a family can bring. Because of you, I have my very own family that loves and cares for me the way you showed me it should be. I know this because it was you that hand pick them for me. Good byes can be hard, but I know you how much love it takes to let me go on to this new and exciting life. I know that I will be remembered in your heart, as you go on to save other lonely lost lifes. You fight this battle with love. And even though, I know your heart may be sad at our parting, I know that soon it will be filled with the needs of another. Your love will touch yet another's life and and give him the opportunity to become what all of us should. Thank you for saving me!

Don't hesitate to fill out our On-line volunteer application if you think you might be interested in volunteering.

If you live in Saginaw, Bay City, Midland or the surrounding counties and would like to help please don't hesitate. If you live eles where we will refer your application to closet approved Michigan Rescue. The Animals Need You!